Feel the nature on your skin and in your own home. Sense the beauty that springs from nightless summer nights. The roaring seas and rugged rocks. The autumnal rains, harvest and foliage. Shimmering snow covered nature lit by the moon and the Northern Lights. The breaking up of ice in springtime. The awakening of nature with its springtime greenness. The moment when the migrating birds return, and yet again it´s summer.

The Nordic winters are long and cold. Shaped over many years in the most austere conditions, our materials keep the body and mind warm, even over the cold winter. Most of the materials in our products are locally produced. We also acquire materials from abroad, enabling people's livelihood in traditional trades, and the continuity of cultures.

Collected during springtime in the Gobi Desert, camelhair is ethical and sustainable. Its thermodynamic features make the fine undercoat and coarse guard hair versatile. The wool of Icelandic sheep, grazed in varied nature, is organic and of high quality. Free-grazing alpacas in the Peruvian mountains have a soft, ecological wool, suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

We want to offer only the best, and to make the world a bit better by each choice we make. Timeless Scandinavian design, natural materials, and harmonious colours bring more softness to everyday life.

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